About The gendered landscape

The gendered landscape tour of Umeå is a way of making statistics come alive and to demonstrate concrete effects of striving for gender equality. Work that has been led both by the municipality, but also by other organizations and persons in Umeå. With this website, we try to exemplify successful changes and landmarks in the city as well as illuminate remaining issues. The purpose is also to underline the importance of highlighting gendered power structures in society and show the results of a long term work with gender issues in Umeå municipality.

For more information on Umeås work with gender equality, visit umea.se/jamstalldhet or contact gender equality officer Linda Gustafsson: linda.gustafsson@umea.se.


The station tunnel – gender issues in town planning

Place: The station tunnel

Coordinates: 20.2647276, 63.8298707

Greater inflow of light, rounded corners and a large entrance in the middle are a few examples of the result of working with a gender perspective in the new station´s tunnel.